Peterson Automotive Museum markets vintage cars to renovate their location

While it’s seldom you find any classic automobile museum sell a selection of their classic cars (in reality, it’s most likely only happened a few times within the last few decades), the reality of the subject is the Peterson Automotive Museum comprehended the easiest way to boost the sort of funding they needed was to do exactly that.

Placing a amount of other classic automobiles “up on the block” not only ensured that they help neighborhood collectors and classic automobile enthusiasts throughout the globe get hold of several rarities plus they may not have had the capacity to otherwise, additionally it contributed directly to the Peterson Automotive Museum restoration project.

With intentions to totally gut and refurbish the whole museum (in addition to widened in many ways), it absolutely was essential to raise a great deal of funding for the project. While they’re still just a little short of their goal as far as the funding is concerned, all indicators denote the Peterson Automotive Museum auction one of the most successful in the recent past. The folks behind the Peterson Automotive Museum know that they’ll secure the remainder of funding, and really should be back to regular operations within only a few quick months.

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