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When should you report an accident?

We call motor vehicle crashes “accidents” because they are thought to be unexpected and unintentional. However, when you drive with your eyes somewhere other than on the road (radio, cell phone, etc.), you cannot say that a crash is “unexpected.” Before your next fender bender, be sure you understand when you should inform your insurance company Read more →

Classic Car Maintenance Tips

Classic Car Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of your classic car often comes down to simple checks; Chattering Windshield Wipers Do your windshield wipers chatter and skip even though they are new? Your windshield is probably dirty! Yeah, you cleaned it with Windex after washing the car, but it’s still dirty with an invisible film of road salts and oils. This Read more →

Classic Car Accidents: What to Do

Unlike modern cars, insuring and repairing a classic has its own exclusive needs. Follow these six steps to minimize the damage an accident may cause. 1. Purchase the correct insurance Before taking your classic for a spin, it’s fundamental that your investment is protected. Classic car valuation works a little differently than some people are Read more →