Classic Car Insurance

Choosing the Right Classic Car Insurance for Your Classic Car is important to protect its value and life.
You made an important choice in selecting your collectible cars. Now you need to make just as an important choice in your insurance.
  • 1000, 3000, 6000, and unlimited mile per year programs available.
  • No vehicle age limitation.
  • Full pleasure driving allowed
  • Stated and agreed value insurance
  • Drivers must be 21 years of age.

We insure collectible cars from 1900 through brand new models.

How you can place a worth on your classic car?

15% transfer discount available in many states from existing classic car insurance carriers

Classic Car Insurance providers wish to properly insure the price of their covered vehicles so that they may do a lot of analysis to access the correct value. Classic vehicles which are still nearly stock with all the original parts are simpler to place a price on seeing as there are guides along with other book price listings on these. Once you get into restored or hot rods it will become more work.

Insurance firms look into the amount spent to revive or build the vehicle, which kind of parts were utilized and the quantity of labor involved. Maintaining detailed lists of labor done and receipts, including labor costs, is critical to obtain every penny your classic car is actually worth. Certified appraisals may also be helpful, although not always necessary, specifically if you have got all the records and receipts. Maintaining updated pictures of your classic car can be another good option.